• Zomer in Eernewoude, Friesland

EXPERIENCE 3 DOKKUM A two days sloop arrangement.

Exploring the north of Friesland? It’s possible with this arrangement.



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Departure from Earnewâld / Eernewoude with our comfortable sloop Maril 570 for a wonderful trip over the Burgerm lake by Zwaagwesteinde to Dokkum, the most northern town of the eleven Friesland cities.
In the middle of the old Centre you moor at the hotel “De Posthoorn”, where you are welcome with a nice drink on the terrace. From the hotel you explore Dokkum. The old inner city surrounded by a stronghold (the old rampart) still breather the atmosphere of the of the old days. We welcome a city-tour.
Dokkum has several lovely restaurants, but you can also choose the restaurant in your hotel “ De Posthoorn.”
After a good night’s sleep and an extensive breakfast, you continue your trip to Leeuwarden. On the way there is a stop at Bartlehiem. After a trip through the canals of Leeuwarden you arrive at Earnewoude at the end of the day, a wonderful experience richer.

This experience includes:

a.      A two days Maril sloop 570, fuel inclusive,
b.      One night in hotel “De Posthoorn”,
c.       Water maps

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Hoogseizoen€ 360,-€ 460,-€ 560,-
Laagseizoen€ 325,-€ 425,-€ 525,-